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Profile Choices

There are 8 options for Assessments.

Adult DISC Profile ~Concise Report $30

Adult DISC Profile ~Extended Report $75

Teen DISC Profile ~Concise Report $30

Teen DISC Profile ~Extended Report $75

Child DISC Profile ~Concise Report $30

Child DISC Profile ~Extended Report $75

Leadership DISC Profile ~For Adults $90

Sales or Direct Sales DISC Profile $75

Child assessment is designed for children 5-12 and features a "BOTS" character much like a robot.

Teen assessment is designed for kids aged 13-22. Report includes info on career guidance.

Assessments can be done online and take anywhere from 15-30 minutes depending on option chosen.

Delve Even Deeper 

With a Workshop

Put it all together.

The Workshops teach you using applicable scenarios from the real world. For example, learn how each personality style reacts to stress and their best recovery methods.


Attend a workshop focused on your particular growth area: Leadership, Parenting or Marriage. Or organize one for your group or organization. The Success Walk can provide both assessments and training on DISC.

For More Info

About Purchasing an Assessment 

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Marriage Consult

A great relationship is about two things:
1. Appreciating the similarities
2. Respecting the differences.
Come get on the same page!

Individual Consult

Learn how the world sees you.

The Success Walk would be happy to walk you through a personal assessment and explain your natural tendencies which you may not be aware of. This info reveals blind spots in your behavior as well as details your strengths. Armed with this information, you can create a more adapted version of yourself and be aware of times you can frustrate others in your life. Knowledge is power. Understand yourself and unlock the door to others.

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