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 Catherine Walker

* Professional Speaker

* Happiness Coach

* Author and Podcast Host

* Human Behavior Specialist

 Catherine brings 20+ years of  experience training and presenting.


*Award Winning Team Leader 

*Multi-million Dollar Producer 

*20+ years of Speaking Experience

*20+ years in Direct Sales Industry

*Fresh Perspective on Key Topics

*Trained for Groups of 5000+

Catherine's Podcast is called Joy Break. 
JOY BREAK photo.jpg

Joy Break comes out every other Thursday. You can listen, follow or subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, Audible, or Podomatic.


As well as being a multi-million dollar producer, she earned awards for personal and team recruiting and Leadership Development.

Catherine loved her career in direct sales. It taught her how to balance work and family. She achieved success without sacrificing the relationships she held dear. Catherine lives in Texas with her husband Vincent of 25 years. She has three daughters Hailey, Whitney and Kennedy and two son-in-laws, Daniel and Kevin. In the recent years, she has been gifted with two grandchildren, Maverick and Evelyn.  

Her book Boosting Your Joy came out in 2018 and has been well received. It is on its way to being a Best Seller!

Catherine's overriding belief is to bring as many people with her to the top. To do that, you have to have a path. She is here to share her success walk with you.

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