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DISC Personality Model

Wouldn't it be amazing if we could read someone's mind? Know what they are thinking and why they are behaving the way they do? Well, now you can take a peek inside their mind. DISC is a powerful way to understand how people are hard wired with innate behavior tendencies.


The Success Walk offers individualized personality assessments with full reports about a person's unique style. Don't Guess, Assess!

Lead with Your Personality Workshops

Understand Who Is On Your Team 

For decades, Catherine used the DISC model when working with her team leaders. She realized you can not coach every person the same way. You have to adjust to their unique personality style. 

Some leaders want all the details and ask lots of questions; other leaders want only the main points. Some leaders need time to process changes; others like to try new approaches often. Some leaders respond to recognition done publicly; others prefer private praise.


Learning and utilizing DISC allows leaders to be more effective motivators. 

First you "get" me, then you guide me

Parenting Workshops

Learn What Makes Your Kids Tick

Parenting today's tweens and teens is tricky. Using personality assessments can give you valuable information on how to deal specifically with your child. Parents receive concrete advice on handling behavior issues, building self esteem and playing to their strengths.

It can be fun to attend a workshop when things are going well within a family dynamic and be life changing when things are problematic.

Come learn about who is in your house with you.

I found this info helpful and it made me feel very optimistic!


Chris L.

~Workshop Participant

Marriage Workshops

Who Are You Really Married To

Opposites often attract but then you have to live with each other. And those opposing views can lead to misunderstandings and frustrations. Studying DISC personalities can very literally save marriages. 

Understanding why a spouse acts a certain way takes the emotion out of it and allows things not to feel personally directed. They can't help being the way they are anymore than you can help being the way you are.

Taking time to learn more about your partner is time well spent.



Be My Advocate

Love me for who I am

A very good tool to help parents relate better to their children!


Sandy M.

~Workshop Participant





Highly suggest every parent go through this workshop. Found it very valuable for use with spouse and kids.


Heidi J.

~Workshop Participant

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