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Take a Joy Break with Me

“If you never did, you should. These things are fun and fun is good.” —Dr. Seuss


It’s often the little things that can help you feel rejuvenated and give your mood a boost to navigate the valleys of life.


During joy coaching, I often give people permission to play. I have everyone list out their own personal Joy Breaks or “What’s Fun for Me?” I make them choose them for different time increments. Here are some of my ideas to give you a sampling.


Two to five minutes


Deep breathing

Cutting flowers from my yard

Enjoying a cup of coffee

Chewing gum


Five to thirty minutes

Looking through a magazine

Chatting with a friend on the phone

Playing a game with my kids


Going for a walk


Thirty minutes to half a day

Laying out by the pool

Going to a movie

Reading a book

Taking a shopping trip

Getting a pedicure


Half day or longer


Completing a craft project


Going canoeing

Having friends over for cards



Now it’s your turn. Try to come up with 5-7 of your own ideas. Notice little details. Are your Joy Breaks about doing something active or relaxing? Alone or with others? Accomplishing something or enjoying white space? Which senses are your Joy Breaks using?

Next Step: Carving out time for 3-4 of these over the next few days. Be diligent with your Joy Breaks. Schedule a few of your options into your next week. Remember fun is good for you!

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